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Start of 2019 iOS Lighting talks
Join us for 2019's first iOS meetup! We plan to have a chilled evening with interesting lighting talks - if you have an iOS App or idea that you would like to present to the community please get in touch (via meetup.com, twitter @iOS_Munich or our slack channel) Talk 1: Introduction to the SAP Cloud Platform and the iOS SDK - Julius Bahr (20 mins) SAP has created the SAP Cloud Platform in 2012. It brought the high performance, in-memory database HANA to the cloud. SAP has been developing services around the HANA database, creating a competitive cloud platform. There are 3 possibilities to develop apps that consume data from the SAP Cloud Platform. The SCP SDK for iOS combines APIs and tools to create iOS apps that tap into all the possibilities a native app has to offer. This talk covers the basics of the SAP Cloud Platform, explains the features and tools of the SCP iOS SDK and includes a live coding session. In this talk you can learn how to use the APIs, create views that follow the Fiori design language and support offline capabilities. ======= Talk 2: Connecting users with Google's Nearby Messages API - José Jeria (15 mins) ******* !! Speakers wanted !! Want to present your iOS App, Framework or other interesting concept to the community? Get in touch - we are always looking for speakers. Give send us a message on meetup.com or dm one of us on slack. ******* We also have a Slack channel that you can join, message us your email in a private message and we will add you.

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    Welcome to the Munich iOS Developers meetup group. This is a group to learn and share iOS experiences. Use this group to learn tricks, network with other iOS developers, share your experiences and see interesting presentations or demos.

    If you're interested about speaking on any iOS related topic, or presenting your app please contact us.

    We also have a Slack channel were we discuss anything related to iOS, send us a private message and we will add you the channel.

    Some of the talks are also available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWYuNCcAjemPpzfxDB2QlYQ

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