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PAYBACK GmbH will be our hosts for our final event of the year- an evening of interesting iOS talks and community networking.

Food and drinks will be provided by our hosts.

We currently have 1 talk lined up for the night - if you have an iOS App or idea that you would like to present to the community please get in touch (via meetup.com, twitter @iOS_Munich or our slack channel)

Talk 1:
Full Stack Swift Development with Raspberry Pi - Kevin Chromik, PAYBACK GmbH

Swift is more than a language limited to iOS and macOS development. Since its compatible with Linux as well, we are able to build applications for our single-board computer Raspberry Pi. Let’s build a small web service with hardware controls for the Raspberry Pi and an iOS companion app. All written in Swift.


Talk 2:
How Metal can improve your programmer life (and skills) - Rouven Strauß, Lightricks

It is well-known that GPUs tremendously outperform CPUs when applied to specific tasks. Nonetheless, the power of GPUs usually does not get harnessed by the average app. This talk discusses the pros and cons of using Metal in your app and showcases the use of Metal in a live example.


!! Speakers wanted !!
Want to present your iOS App, Framework or other interesting concept to the community? Get in touch - we are always looking for speakers. Give send us a message on meetup.com or dm one of us on slack.


We also have a Slack channel that you can join, message us your email in a private message and we will add you.