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Liszt Sonata analyse about Faust
I will analyse and explain you how Faust story, liszt personality and religious themes are hidden in Liszt most amazing piano work and one of 19th century most important and most recorded sonata.

The Piano Salon

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The Piano Salon is a private piano school and a concert organism in Zürich where world class artists will perform every two month for a restricted public, following the spirit of the Salons parisiens from the 19th century. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students as well as for the public to meet great artists and hear them perform private concerts in a cosy setting. Like the Salons parisiens it is also a place where artists, intellectuals and other parts of the society can mingle. Regularely lectures, monologues, versnissages, and other artistic events will be also organised to bring all theses different publics to The Piano Salon and try this way to join all theses Arts together, like Liszt tried all his life, conidering Art as a global concept.

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