Nächstes Meetup

Come for the coffee, stay for the company
Hi everyone! Hope you can join us for a coffee, breakfast or a cake and a chat at the cafe at MEG! It's a great baby friendly venue and has a nice breakfast deal! Look forward to seeing you there! (Just look for the mums with the prams!) X x x

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Worum es bei uns geht

Are you a new parent who: - Is new to Geneva - Don't know many baby friendly places - Haven't had time to visit the surrounding area - Want to socialize with other mums/families... We are a group of (almost) new mums who are (almost) new to Geneva. Our days consist of socializing with other mums and trying to do all things baby friendly! We would like to explore the area in and around Geneva, trying new cafes, ludotheques, play areas. Anything baby friendly... and not forgetting weekend brunches with the rest of the family too! Occasionally we will have 'mummy only' times... anything from a yoga class to dinner and drinks without the little ones! The idea here is to discover new places... In summer we will organize picnics in the park or even have lunch by the beach in Nyon! You get the idea! Join us on Facebook too, https://www.facebook.com/groups/89121974427... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/891219744272379/)

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