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This meetup group is a power space for women to get inspired and to embrace life as a women. No matter where each of us are, we meet and help each other grow. Getting together with sassy and fun women is a healing journey for the inner Goddess within all of us. Each of us is a unique spark of the feminine whole, and the best way to understand your own uniqueness is by getting together with other women who mirror and show you what power house you truly are.

We are a group of woman coming together to support each other for a unique journey. We share different aspect of our lives in an intimate and protected space. Join us, and let us know how we can support you. We focus on self-love, femininity, sisterhood, sexuality, relationships, creativity and community. Stepping into the power of a women, creates beautiful change not only in your life but in the lifes of many. I challenge you to join us, to take a deeper look at yourself and your life. Women’s circles have existed for centuries, for the purposes of supporting each other, during menstruation, childbirth and when having to contend with social difficulties. It’s not that it’s just easier to have a good women’s talk, it’s also the perfect mirror for ourselves and the most amazing support space we could imagine. Let's together explore our sexy self through dance, empowering group exercises, sharing circles, clothes swaps, and more...

About the Founder of The Sacred Women's Circle Munich:
I am Mirjam, the founder of this meetup group. I am a sex coach (Read my Blog at: ). Since 4 years I am on the path to the discovery of the deeper meaning and essence of my femininity. On this path I seek to find answers to all those questions concerning the healing of sexuality, how to step up and empower my inner healing forces and transform pain into a raw ecstasy. I am sharing my own evolution with its ups and downs in The Sacred Women's Circle Munich because I believe therein lies the deep wisdom of our creative feminine powers.

I completed my University Bachelor studies in Social Work in Frankfurt/Germany and I have been interested in self-development and personal studies for ten years. I have a huge passion for yoga and have been studying traditional tantric yoga for four years. Since then I have dived deeper into experimental relationships such as polyamory, the healing and embodiment of my own sexuality, and have gone deeper into the exploration of my spiritual urge.

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