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Hi, I'm the curator of the group but this is for my Mom, Cindy. When looking at all of the meet-ups she realized that she didn't quite fit into any of them. Which made her wonder if she was feeling this way were there others who had similar feelings?. Figuring it never hurts to try she decided to create The Slightly Off Kilter Senior Women's Group.

This Group is for those who are OPEN-MINDED. This is the most important part of the group. She wants a fun atmosphere free of judgment; which means not judging people based upon their religious, political views, sexual identity, looks, talks, and any otherworldly characteristics. Humor is an important aspect of this group. The group is for active members please don't join if you don't plan on attending. Please, No Drama.

This group will be part Book-Club (I'm thinking Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Thrillers and Mysteries. she really want to steer away from the Oprah Book Club style of literature.) She also hopes that while everyone sitting around drinking (whatever people like to drink), everyone can discuss the book and do some crafting (knitting, crocheting, needle felting, beading.) There may be times when she would like to play card games, go to a movie or go on adventures.

Some ideas for this group:

Book Club, Fun Crafts, Movie Nights, Card/Boardgames and anything that catches everyone's fancy. The group is for Women 50 years and older. Suggestions are welcomed! Ideas? Share them.

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Moving to FaceBook

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This is the last reminder that this group will be moving to FaceBook. You can search on Facebook for The Slightly-Off Kilter Senior Woman's Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/521415998694603/. You must put in a request for membership. I truly hope that many of you follow us there so we can continue to grow this group.

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Let's Get to Know EachOther Part 2

8th Street Market

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