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Grand Opening 2016: First meeting with CEO of Next Kraftwerke

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Dear Enabler,

First of all, Happy New Year! Based on our fruitful discussions back in 2015 I am very much convinced that by resuming the discussions in 2016 we can facilitate the energy market revolution.

I am glad to schedule a first meet up event in 2016 to be held on January, 15th at 7 pm. I am very delighted to announce that Mr Jochen Schwill – one of the founders and CEOs of Next Kraftwerke – confirmed his participation. It is short of notice but I promise, it's worth it!

Jochen Schwill is a very interesting person. His company is or has been a Startup itself, very innovative and (!) successfully performing in a complicated market. He set a trend in an area where meanwhile others are looking for a fortune as well. And his business model is an important example of where the energy revolution in Germany is heading to.

Next Kraftwerke is the operator of a large-scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on the EPEX energy exchange’s spot market. More than 2,500 renewable energy plants are already interconnected via remote access modules which allow for data exchange between the decentralized plants and the central control system of our Next Pool VPP. Doing so, the company is able to offer the plants’ flexibility on the balancing energy markets. For more information see

More about Jochen Schwill:

Jochen Schwill is founder and member of the management of Next Kraftwerke GmbH. Since 2009, he is in charge of sales, product development & technology excelling in pushing corporate development into the direction of flexible commercialization of renewable Energy. After studying industrial engineering in Hanover, Berlin and Valencia, Jochen Schwill worked as researcher at the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne focusing on modeling short-term electricity markets.

Please start to register and tell friends about it! The venue will probably be gtec again. If not I will inform you soon.

Looking forward to seeing you

P.S.: Landing Page for dena-Startup-bus is coming soon!

P.S.: Sorry for double-Mailing...:-(