TW hosts: Continuous Delivery: metrics & ML apps

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Event schedule:

18:00 Doors open.
18:15 Food and drinks (Big thank you to Thoughtworks for hosting us!)
18:45 Intro by Codemotion and Thoughtworks.

19:00 Talk #1: You should measure your CD pipeline, by Enrique Amodeo, Senior Fullstack Engineer at Contentful (

19:45 Talk #2: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning Applications, by Daniel Schruhl, Software Developer at Thoughtworks,

20:30 Drinks and networking

➡️Talk #1: You should measure your CD pipeline

Engineers often focus on how to implement CD and most of the times we forget that CD is an automated process that can be itself measured. In this talk I will give a general overview of what kind of metrics can we get from the CD pipeline and how having that metrics continuously reported can help teams to step up in their game. Also I will show a couple of hindsights of how we are working on measuring those metrics inside Contentful.

➡️Talk #2: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning Applications

Developing intelligent applications is becoming easier based on huge amounts of freely accessible software and data. Bringing them into production is a challenge as machine learning applications pose new challenges. These challenges can be solved by applying continuous delivery with pipelines, version control mechanisms and quality gates specifically customised for machine learning applications. This enables to bring models continuously from the data scientists notebook into production, while improving and experimenting with live users.

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