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Sriram Narayan: Rework your IT to Scale Agile

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In order to scale Agile, it is not enough to just replicate development practices and techniques across teams. We also need to review organization structure and management controls to see if they are in tune with what is needed for responsive IT. Unless we do so, overall IT performance is unlikely to improve. Sriram Narayan, an IT management consultant and ThoughtWorks veteran published the book „Agile IT Organization Design“ and provides a basis for reviewing and reshaping the IT organization to equip it better for the digital age.

Sriram shows how structural, political, operational, and cultural facets of organization design influence overall IT agility—and how you can promote better collaboration across diverse functions, from sales and marketing to product development, and engineering to IT operations. Through real examples, he helps you evaluate and improve organization designs that enhance autonomy, mastery, and purpose: the key ingredients for a highly motivated workforce.

6:30 pm: Snacks and welcome
7:00 pm: Sriram Narayan: Rework your IT to Scale Agile
8:00 pm: Q&A
8:30 pm: Drinks and networking