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ThoughtWorks presents: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop

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"The Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop"

18:30 Meet & Greet
19:00 Welcome and presentation
20:00 Q & A

Presenter: Matt Philip (ThoughtWorks)

Though the standard agile feedback loops -- product demo, team retrospective and automated tests — provide valuable awareness of health and fitness, many teams and their stakeholders struggle to find a reliable way to understand an important area of feedback, including their level of agility: the fitness of their service delivery. This session introduces the service-delivery review as the forum for this feedback. Participants will learn the basics of how to conduct a service-delivery review and the benefits, as well as typical fitness metrics. The context will be for software-delivery teams but the lessons will be applicable for any team, group or department that provides a service.