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TDD for infrastructure

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ThoughtWorks Munich

Bothestraße 11 · München

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The entrance is right next to the entrance of the big bike shop “Stadler”. If you are standing in front of the entrance of Holiday Inn you have to go around the whole building to find our entrance.

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We are happy to already announce our first meetup in the new year of 2019 with Mario Fernandez about TDD infrastructure.

If you are building apps today, chances are that you are packaging them with Docker. How you do know that your lovingly crafted images are behaving well? You can wait until they are live to check, I guess. Or you can build them using TDD. Mario will show you how to do that using Ruby and ServerSpec.

Mario develops software for a living. Then he goes home and continues reading about software, because he just cannot get enough.
At some point somebody thought it was a good idea to make him the technical lead of an agile team. He quickly discovered that building things himself is not the same as helping somebody else figure it out.
He learned, somewhat to his surprise, that he really enjoys sharing ideas. According to their feedback, other developers have managed to learn something from Mario. At least they don't tend to run away screaming, which is, as he thinks, a good thing.

As always we are offering various snacks and, beer and soft drinks. No full meal, but at least something to eat.