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TIME 4 SUCCESS is dedicated to provide you with the tools to manage the obstacles which would prevent you from living your dreams.

We meet on a regular basis and discuss topics such as:

• How to become efficient and effective

• Mapping the road for personal development: What do I need to change to become a successful entrepreneur

• Investing

• Bitcoin & Blockchain in business

• Starting-up a business

• Financing a start-up

• Business Planning, Team, Sales

Entrepreneurs face significant challenges. On average 2 in 1000 will make a business idea, great. While the majority is struggling or failing and in the worst case have to go back to employment jobs.

Similar rations hold true for individuals seeking a career in the corporate world, just that they stop to progress.

While there are plenty of methods and tools available, more and more people feel that their life occurs without them. Burn-out and give-up is mostly a consequence of waiting to long in changing your life focus and especially your time management habits. People then give up on their dreams or aspirations while they could have shifted focus by just learning on how to effectively plan, control, execute and enjoy!

Legal Information:

We will perform video recordings and generate photos of our events. With registering and attending our meetups you consent to video recordings which might be shared or published as well as the utilization of those recordings and photos for marketing purposes. You hereby wave your right for any remuneration and grant us the right to publish the material free of any charges.

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