LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Hands-on - Introduction to the method in Heidelberg


*** This event will be in English ***

In meetings, 20% of the participants dominate the entire meeting, the others switch off and lean back. Just a normal gruelling and frustrating day in companies and organisations, which is expensive and blocking for all.
But how can you change such meetings? How do you change them so that all participants contribute equally? Together? Having equal rights? At eye level? Cross-hierarchy and culture? And using all of their entire knowledge which is available to them?

One solution is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! With this method we change the conduct of meetings. Come to the Meetup and learn what it's like to truly understand the other participants in a meeting, and perhaps for the first time actually get a glimpse into the expectations and ideas of others.

Come to the Meetup and participate in a hands-on workshop. Get to know the method and let’s discuss about it afterwards. Maybe that would be even something for your company?

The following agenda is planned:
1800 Joint meeting and admission
1830 Interactive workshop
2000 Discussion & Q & A - Session

I am looking forward to having an exciting evening with you. During this event we will be invited at the coworking space Tink Tank in the Landfriedkomplex in Heidelberg.

Tink Tank has a disabled access.

Looking forward to playing with you seriously,

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Organisator: Matthias Renner,