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Bitcoin Cash Weekly Meetup
※日本語のご案内は英語の下です We are going to have our weekly Tokyo BCH meetup at RAKAN TOKYO! It is a club & bar located only a few seconds from Roppongi Crossing. There is no entrance charge. You can pay with BCH! Please support the venue by ordering drinks and food! RAKAN TOKYO owners are friends with the owner of Two Dogs Taproom Roppongi, Mikey, and you can order pizza that night from Two Dogs delivered to this venue! Drinks 600- 1000 yen. Food from 1000 yen. RAKAN TOKYO info: https://www.facebook.com/RAKAN-TOKYO-878625822342714/ https://www.instagram.com/rakantokyo/ Join us in the Global Bitcoin Cash Community here: geni.us/Tribe The BCH Developer server on Discord: geni.us/CashDev Visit developer.bitcoin.com to learn more about building on BCH! 今回はRAKAN TOKYOでミートアップを開催します! RAKAN TOKYOは六本木交差点から数秒の便利な場所にある、クラブ&バーです。もちろんBCH決済可能。店内には自由に使えるカラオケもついているので、ぜひご利用ください(普段はチャージありですが、この日はなし)♪エントリーチャージなしですので、是非ドリンク、お料理をオーダーしてお店をサポートしてくださいね!TwoDogsの窯焼きピザのデリバリーも可能です。 RAKAN TOKYO info: https://www.facebook.com/RAKAN-TOKYO-878625822342714/ https://www.instagram.com/rakantokyo/


Roppongi 3-11-10 Minato-ku Tokyo, Coco Roppongi Building 4th Floor · Roppongi

Worum es bei uns geht


このミートアップでは ”Peer-to-Peerの決済手段” に本来の魅力を感じている方々を歓迎いたします。もちろん、ビットコインキャッシュのことをもっと知りたいと言う方も大歓迎です。ただし、ビットコインの成長を妨げるファシストやトロールはお断りします。


Bitcoin Cash is the the current state of the original Blockchain invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. A split was created when Bitcoin was changed to support a centralized, privately funded, corporate controlled vision of what Bitcoin should be.

For those of you who value the original vision of Satoshi, where Bitcoin is a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash system, this meetup is for you. We welcome free discussion, and if you're not entirely sure about Bitcoin Cash, you're still very welcome to come and learn more. We do not welcome fascists or trolls who wish to disrupt the development of Bitcoin. We support Bitcoin as Satoshi created it, as a global currency which is fast, efficient, and inexpensive to use.

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