• Breaking the Bias: London is the international conference

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    Tickets can be obtained here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/breaking-the-bias-london-tickets-35194405414 Breaking the Bias: London is the international conference aimed at improving your mindset for business- and self-development. 11 worldwide-famous activists, entrepreneurs and CEOs will inspire you to look beyond the the general perception of concepts and notions. They will share their experience in overcoming their challenges in an uncommon way, which enabled them to become who they are right now. In order to achieve the new level of thinging, you have to distupt the old one. The goal of our conference is to provide you with a glimpse of the unseen technology for creating these changes for yourself. We are going to tell you how our self identity impacts our happiness, the ways our limiting beliefs hold us back in life and we can do, how to be number one in everything you do, the future of the Fintech industry and how it will disrupt every other business and much more. Leading entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, bright thinkers and incredible individuals from the UK, Israel, China, Russia, Canada, Cyprus and Portugal will share their ultimate experience in Business, Psychology and Technology to give you a different perspective, to empower and inspire! List of speakers: 1.Sir David Tang Businessman, philanthropist, founder of the fashion brand Shanghai Tang Topic: The secret of Life 2. Dinis Guarda Author and entrepreneur CEO, co founder of Humaniq and intelligenthq.com. Topic: Evolutionary Singularity as a consequence of Blockchain 3. Roshina Khan NLP trainer – the student of John Grinder, teacher of Tony Robbins Topic: Limiting Beliefs 4. Marta Krupinska GM & Co-Founder at Azimo, 30 Under 30 in Finance in 2016 by Forbes Topic: stories worth telling by a female migrant entrepreneur 5. Jonathan Gan Former Officer of Israeli Air Force, founder of the startup “Witchit” Topic: From Start-up Nation to Great Britain, a journey of an international entrepreneur. 6. Daniel Mulloy One of the world's most well-regarded short filmmakers Topic: how not to count yourself out of your surroundings 7. Andrei Parabellum Business coach, Author, Businessman. Got into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest online business seminar in the world. Topic: Being number one in everything that you do 8. Orbit Street artist from London Topic: Value of Time over Money in street art 9. Danny Bent One of the 100 happiest people in the UK. A dyslexic award winning author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder, and celebrated adventurer and community builder. Topic: Self-identity and Happiness. 10. Mikhail Borschevsky Professor of International relations, businessman, the chief editor of Herald of Europe Topic: Challenges, prejudices and biases of different industries 11. Derin Cag The founder of Richtopia and co-founder of Marketing Runners and Blockchain Age. Topic: Artificial Intelligence in creating the Fourth Industrial Revolution 12. Secret speaker, secret topic Hurry to grab an early bird ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/breaking-the-bias-london-tickets-35194405414

  • Women Entrepreneurs - Monthly Social

    Near Oxford Circus

    Dear Ladies ( Apologies to our gentlemen, but this will be a female only event) I am hosting a number of mostly events for female entrepreneurs, we would love to see you there! Please follow the link for more information. https://www.meetup.com/Woman-Entrepreneur-Association-in-London/events/239816883/ With best wishes Julia

  • Mастер Класс Бизнес-молодости в Лондоне «Шлем предпринимателя»

    Великолепная возможность для русско-язычных бизнесменов. Завтра в Лондоне пройдет мастер-класс Бизнес молодости. Олег Торбосов поделится последними наблюдениями и открытиями в бизнесе в рамках мастер-класса «Шлем предпринимателя». Основная цель собраться и познакомиться всем, кто ведёт свой бизнес в Лондоне, но говорит по русски. Отличное место, для того, чтобы обменяться контактами, идеями и усилить свои возможности. Все, кто сейчас находится в Лондоне регистрируйтесь по ссылке: http://molodost.bz/region_12april/london/ и приезжайте завтра 12 апреля в 17:00 на яхту, которая припаркована по адресу Royal Victoria Dock, London, E16 1XL

  • Enjoy The Shard Floor 33 4BN Business Networking

    HUTONG, The Shard, Foor 33

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    The Shard 4BN Business Networking London Meeting - Only Register here to attend this network meeting: https://www.kweekweek.com/dh10/enjoy-business-networking-and-pleasure-at-the-shard-london Business owners, business directors, entrepreneurs, business leaders in London small to medium enterprise businesses can meet up with each other for enjoyable and relaxed 4BN business networking at The Shard. What should you expect from this 4BN business networking meeting? • Great enjoyment in a 4BN Business Networking meeting in The Shard • Build up your own business network contacts • Build business relationships for more future clients • Have some pleasure while business networking • Find potential strategic business partnerships that may also know your clients • Find more business people that you can collaborate with in business • Enjoy a panoramic view from floor 33 in The Shard of one of the best cities in the world • Connect with more people that you can work with in business • Build up your business contacts to build up your business so you can contribute more value to the UK economy • 1 or 2 FREE drink at this business networking meeting - only available if you bring your registered ticket with you and show that ticket to the meeting organizer - Dwight Harrison - Only register here to receive 1 or 2 free drinks: https://www.kweekweek.com/dh10/enjoy-business-networking-and-pleasure-at-the-shard-london • Connect with 4BN business people that have contacts with business advisers, business mentors, website experts, business strategy experts, business branding experts, business sales experts, business accountancy experts, business marketing companies, business commercial lawyers, business HR experts, business recruitment experts, business finance advisers, angel investors, EIS investors, crowd funding investors, venture capital investors etc. • A business networking meeting in The Shard where you can combine great business contact building, business building and business pleasure Relaxed and informal style where everyone is encouraged to be themselves. Please bring your Eventbrite registered ticket and receipt and show it to the organizer to receive your 1 or 2 free drinks - Only register here to attend the meeting: https://www.kweekweek.com/dh10/enjoy-business-networking-and-pleasure-at-the-shard-london Once on floor 32, go up to floor 33 to locate the Hutong Chiness Bar. Some video feedback from a 4BN member at a previous St Paul's venue 4BN business networking meeting. https://youtu.be/Jsv4eJ54CFE We look forward to seeing you for an enjoyable 4BN business networking meeting at The Shard! Only register here to enjoy 4BN business networking @ The Shard: https://www.kweekweek.com/dh10/enjoy-business-networking-and-pleasure-at-the-shard-london

  • The 4BN Business Network Membership Training - 2150 London Business Members

    Yager Bar (St Paul's)

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    4BN Business Network Membership With MJB Consultancy / 4BN Business Partner - Launch 4BN Business Membership Septembers 2015 There is an opportunity for 25 4BN Business Network qualified members to access 1.5 hour 4BN business network training session to gain more commercial value from the 4BN Business Network and the 2150 network members. There are[masked]BN business members in the entire Meetup London business membership and 4200 business members on 4BN social media management. Register here to access tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-build-your-own-business-network-to-build-your-business-tickets-18242372427 (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-4bn-business-network-membership-training-2150-london-business-members-tickets-17706459497) What should you expect from the business members training session? • Effective business branding and business PR development • Where can 4BN business network better support your business growth and development • How to access 4BN business members feedback for your business • How to increase your 4BN network profile so more 4BN business people can find you and your business and connect with you • How to market your business to more 4BN members both on and offline as a 4BN member • Meet some 4BN Business Network partnersing businesses at the MJB Office • How to save money as 4BN business member • How to generate additional business revenue separate to the business clients contact you gain within 4BN business network • How to build your own business network using 4BN to grow your own business Requirements To Attend: We will confirm some items with you before attendance since the 4BN business members and 4BN business network is there to allow SME businesses that add value to the UK economy to reduce the risk of failure and enhance the rates of success. Since the 4BN business members contribute to UK revenue (33%), UK private sector employement (48%) and innovation (60%) its important that SMEs team up and collaborate with the right people since the 4BN members are adding value to society and enhancing life styles of others within and outside their businesses. Key Items For This 4BN Members Training Session For Your Commercial Results Effectiveness And Other 4BN Business Members Results - Please note the first 100 qulaifited businesses access free 4BN membership for free with over 80 already registered We contact you breifly pre-meeting to just confirm and qualify that this is suitable for your business and for other 4BN business members Please bring 1 laptop or 1 tablet or 1 phone where you can fully access the internet to gain more value from the business training session and market your business to other business members Invite maximum 3 guests for this 4BN business training meeting. Qualifications for the maximum 3 people that you invite: • Busienss owners • Business leaders • Business directors • Your business clients • Your potential business clients • Your business supplier • Your business partner • Your business adviser • Business strategic partner (they know / connected with your business clients) • Someone in business you personally know that has a key commercial issue to address ie business sales, business website, business, commercial legal, business finance etc. etc • Someone that has an established businesses ie it fully operational annual turn over can just be £25000+ per year with 1 + person in the business • Someone that is of value to your own personal business network Who ever you invite (3 business people maximum) needs to also to bring lap top, tablet etc to access the internet and you can both then gain more value from the training meeting session. The membership is paid for business members that join in September so you can access this along with a limited number of other business now for free. We look forward to working with more great business people within the[masked]BN business members so its a win win for the SME businesses connected with 4BN and they can all add even more value to society as successful businesses. Once qualified, we look forward to seeing you with other 4BN members on August 5th. To your success! Dwight Harrion 4BN Business Network Director Register here to access tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-build-your-own-business-network-to-build-your-business-tickets-18242372427 (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-4bn-business-network-membership-training-2150-london-business-members-tickets-17706459497)