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A friendly study group for people to support each other to grow, and to improve their leadership skills!

Now more than ever, your success as a leader isn't just about being a great business person. You've got to be a great person, performing well in all domains of your life -- your work, your home, your community, and your private self.

Dr. Steward D. Friedman, professor at the Wharton business school, shows how carving out a more fulfilling personal life can make you a better leader (and vice versa). You’ll “learn a practical, proven method for how to articulate your core values and vision; build trust with your most important people; and achieve “four-way wins” — improved performance at work or in school, at home with your family, in your community, and for your self (mind, body, spirit)”.

We hope that you will join us and we look forward to meeting you!See you soon.

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