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Trainers, coaches and consultants usually work alone, succeed alone and fail alone. Why can’t we be together? TCCT is a place to find inspiration, boost your business and exchange experience.

We are a community of like-minded people, where you belong. We all have the same challenges and questions: personal brand, customer acquisition, price negotiation, administrative hassle and so on.
You are no longer alone. Our community offers support from experts, business development workshops, train-the-trainer bootcamps, networking and job matching opportunities. We do not tolerate hard sales, as this group should be all about knowledge exchange and mutual growth. It’s great to have you here!

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Freelancer Bootcamp


Welcome to Freelancer-Bootcamp! The first bootcamp designed specifically for self-employed, solopreneurs and freelancers. 15 experts, 10 invite-only participants and 2,5 intensive but fun days of boosting your freelancing business. SEPTEMBER 2019 _____________________________________________________________________________ APPLY NOW: https://bss5.typeform.com/to/jY4Lid _____________________________________________________________________________ What is the application procedure? 1. Please fill out this form. https://bss5.typeform.com/to/jY4Lid It is for us to understand your self-employment experience, field and expectations. We want to deliver the best and the most personalized boot-camp that addresses your needs. We don’t do 'one size fits all'. 2. If you seem like a good fit for the Bootcamp, we will arrange a phone call to get to know you better and understand your needs. Don't worry, if you don't get in this time, you can always apply again to our next cohort. 3. We will announce the date of the workshop (or several ones to satisfy different group levels and expectations). 4. We invite the selected participants to join the Bootcamp. The cost of the Bootcamp is €599 incl. VAT. It includes speaker costs, cozy location rental, all materials, drinks and snacks on Friday night, coffee, tea, lunch, snacks and drinks on Saturday and Sunday. _____________________________________________________________________________ What’s next? One month after the Bootcamp we will have a follow-up mastermind session with all participants to learn about their progress and exchange experiences. We will also create a closed online community and encourage you to find accountability buddies and form masterminds. It is our first pilot program of such kind and is therefore much lower than the normal market price (usually around at least €1,800). This cohort is a way for us to learn and test new things and for you to accelerate your business on a budget! Who are we? Tino: Co-founder of Berlin Startup School http://berlinstartupschool.com/ Olla: Founder of TCC Tribe http://tcc-tribe.com/ and organizer of 'How to start your business as a solopreneur in Germany' conference' with over 3000 participants http://conference.freeliance.org/ We hope to get to know you soon and wish you all the best, Your Freelancer Bootcamp Team Tino & Olla

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