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Trust in Tech Cologne ist eine 573 Personen starke Community mit Fokus auf IT-Security. Bereits seit drei Jahren organisieren wir uns regelmäßig monatlich zu abendlichen Meetups in unterschiedlicher Konstellation. Dabei verlieren wir nie unseren diversen Blick auf die Vielfältigkeit von IT-Umgebungen vornehmlich aus dem Enterprise Kontext. Wir analysieren die Mittel, Methoden und Wege der Angreifer und beschäftigen uns mit modernen und bewährten Sicherheits- und Produktansätzen. Wir lernen und diskutieren offen und wertschätzend - betrachten dabei Produkte und Hersteller unabhängig wie fair und freuen uns über jeden Interessierten / Teilnehmer, egal aus welchen Gründen er sich für uns interessierst.

Trust in Tech Cologne is a 573*-strong community focused on IT security. For three years now we have been organizing regular monthly meetings in different constellations. In doing so, we never lose our diverse view of complex IT environments, primarily from the enterprise context. We analyze the means, methods and ways of attackers and deal with modern and proven security and product approaches. We learn and discuss openly and appreciatively - while looking at products and manufacturers independently and fairly. We are pleased about every interested party, vendor and participant, no matter for what ethical reasons.

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Trust In Tech - "Public Viewing" Microsoft Ignite


Liebe White-Hats, aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage beim heutigen Meetup, haben wir uns spontan entschlossen ein gemeinsames "Public Viewing" für die Microsoft Ignite Key-Note Sessions zu organisieren. Wir freuen uns auf einen regen Austausch. Darüber hinaus gibt es noch zwei Vorschläge bzw. Zusammenfassungen für Session Kataloge: https://st-s.info/2020/09/11/my-session-playlist-security-compliance-for-ignite-2020/ https://mattsoseman.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/microsoft-ignite-2020-must-watch-sessions/?_lrsc=1a5bff1b-2690-4043-a0dc-c34926a108e7

Trust in Tech Cologne - Hackers won't pass - Microsoft Threat Protection

Title: Hackers Won't Pass - Microsoft 365 Identity & Threat Protection Industry spends billions on cybersecurity, but its going worse every year. Crackers, ransomware attacks, international scandals are remind us dangerous world. But the biggest issue the matter of fact: there is a really low threshold of occurrence into "hacking". Any scriptkiddie can download a bunch of tools and play with your websites, emails servers etc. In our time to be hacked or not is a matter of statistics. To beat hackers let's think like hackers. In the first session you will see the complete kill chain the edge to domain admin privileges and how to stop those types of attacks. Getting inside the network with email attacks. Bypassing third-party email protection. Privilege Escalation. Antivirus evasion. Enumerating and Exploiting Active Directory domain. Stop phishing attacks with Office 365 ATP. Don’t miss when Active Directory being attacked. Azure ATP on guard. Protect your modern desktop from modern attacks. You will learn: Office 365 ATP Windows Defender ATP Azure ATP In the first session we walked in hacker’s shoes. How about we changes shoes and kick them out with Microsoft 365's help. In this 2nd session you will learn how: Stop email attacks with AI. Office 365 ATP insides. Don’t miss when Active Directory being attacked. Azure ATP user behaviour analysis Protect your modern desktop from modern attacks. Bring AI power to any laptop with Defender ATP Single pane of glass in Azure Sentinel You will learn: Office 365 ATP Windows Defender ATP Azure ATP Azure Sentinel About Sergey: Sergey Chubarov is an Infrastructure Team Lead at Microsoft SI Partner with10+ years’ experience on Microsoft technologies, head of infrastructural projects, Microsoft MVP with different certifications: MVP: Microsoft Azure, OSCP, MCT, MCT Regional Lead, CEH, CEI

Native Information Protection with Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Today, customers, employees, and communities trust that organizations will safeguard their sensitive information. Compliance standards such as the GDPR and ISO/IEC 27000 family even require information protection and proper data management. Thus, the question is no longer whether Information Protection needs to happen, but what is the best way to get it done? Microsoft Information Protection is a collection of sophisticated tools to manage and secure your organization’s digital information in the cloud, across devices, and on-premises, just as you manage and secure other critical entities such as identities, devices, applications, and networks. The newest addition to the MIP solution framework is Endpoint Data Loss Prevention. With eDLP, sensitive information can be protected directly on the devices from being uploaded into any cloud resource, copy & paste onto a USB stick or a network share. You can also block it from being used in any application. You can additionally prevent the copy & paste of sensitive text. The mind behind eDLP is Nir Hendler. Nir Hendler is a Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Information Protection & Compliance Customer experience team. Joined the Information Protection journey within Microsoft as part of Secure Islands acquisition back on 2015 and involved in AIP and MIP solutions within Microsoft from day 1. Started as Software Engineer for the existing AIP mobile app, escalation engineer for AIP as a whole and then leveraged this knowledge to work with large enterprise customers on Information Protection deployments and best practice guidance around the globe. Expert in the current wide MIP platform and it’s sub solutions, own the platform preview programs and work closely with product group to ensure the customer voice is heard and considered as part of the future product roadmap. Holger Radecke is a Senior Consultant at sepago GmbH located in Hamburg. His focus is on security and compliance, specialized in Microsoft Information Protection. His experiences with projects in enterprise environments is his biggest motivator to always stay up-to date with the newest MIP developments.

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