Trust in Tech - Cyber Intel in a Nutshell


A high-level overview of the somewhat elusive concept of cyber threat intelligence (CTI).
Conceptualized as the equivalent of military intelligence in cyber warfare, the need for this discipline has never been greater than in recent years and will only increase if cyber-attacks continue to grow in relevance and sophistication. While technical topics such as reverse engineering and forensics are at its core, CTI sets itself apart from other topics in computer security by combining such analysis with findings from human intelligence in order to not only understand malicious technology, but also the actors behind it.

Jesko is a Mathematician and Hacker with interest in theory and technology alike. He got his PhD in July 2017 from TU Berlin with research on Geometric Complexity Theory. Shortly after, he became a Security Researcher at CrowdStrike as part of their Cyber Threat Intelligence team, where he reverse engineers all sorts of malware.