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Are you the only art lover you hang out with? Are you tired of having to drag someone to go with you to your favorite art activities just to have someone to go with? Not anymore! Just come with us and join in the fun! Also check us out on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/groups/271354509580263/

Greenville, Spartanburg and surrounding area art enthusiasts can network and meet with other like minded people who wish to promote or participate in fun art activities. Art lover’s gatherings will include all aspects of the arts, (i.e. visual, drama, dance and music). Group members may partake in anything from social networking, viewing art, creating art, promoting your own art, or volunteering to help coordinate art events. Event examples will include; going to art shows, taking art classes, watching theatrical performances, listening to live music, going dancing or traveling to festivals.

This site is nonprofit and set up like a co-op. No member gets paid and the organizer donates the web fee cost. Please feel free to create your own activity and invite the group! Everyone has write access. Even if you don't want to host, just post an FYI, and ENJOY.

Most of us join so we can also meet new friends, so please make an effort to meet each other. You can print out a name tag to wear at events so you can find others easier. Directions are in the group discussions page. Or you can email other participants to make arrangements to meet and provide contact info.

We are family, couple and single friendly! All ages are welcome!

Bevorstehende Events (5+)

Foothills Philharmonic Brass Quintet

The City of Greer Center for the Arts

Free admission - donations accepted.


The Peace Center

We can decide what where we want to sit once we have attendance responses. Called “the world’s reigning male chorus” by The New Yorker, the San Francisco based Grammy® Award-winning ensemble Chanticleer embarks on its 42nd season in[masked]. Praised by the San Francisco Chronicle for its “tonal luxuriance and crisply etched clarity,” Chanticleer is known for its seamless blend of 12 male voices ranging from soprano to bass, and its original interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz and popular genres, as well as contemporary composition. Since Chanticleer began releasing recordings in 1981, this orchestra of voices has sold over a million albums and won two Grammy Awards. The group’s most recent studio recording, Then and There, Here and Now, was released for its 40th anniversary in 2018. Named for the “clear-singing” rooster in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Chanticleer first became known for its interpretations of Renaissance music, and was later a pioneer in the revival of the South American baroque, recording several award-winning titles in that repertoire. Chanticleer was named Ensemble of the Year by Musical America in 2008, and was inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame the same year. Program Celebrating ocean voyaging and exotic climates, Trade Winds will include the premiere of composer Zhou Tian’s new work based on John Masefield’s poem “Trade Winds.” It will also feature Portuguese music new to the ensemble, songs from the Asia-Pacific region, and early music by Monteverdi, Gesualdo, and Penalosa. Buy Tickets On Sale Dates Public June 14 • 10 AM $15-$55

Free Spartanburg Community Band concert!!

Chapman Cultural Arts Center

Please come join us for a sci fi concert which will be sure to delight! Bring your family and friends!

First Friday Art Walk - Greenville/Taylors Area

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

This is a fun activity. Lots of art, food and some walking. No host. The people who signs up need to decide which location you all are meeting at. All locations are posted below. You can communicate by posting in the comments portion below or email each other. If you email each other you can share contact info to make it easier for yourselves. Anyone can go in and add details to this activity once the location is determined. FYI there is a Group Discussion page called "first Friday galleries organized by location" with the galleries broken up into areas, i.e. downtown, West side, etc. Hyperlink to it is: http://www.meetup.com/UFotArts/messages/boards/thread/41159662 Also, go to the Discussions tab called "Name tags" to learn how to print your name tag out. Hyperlink to it is: http://www.meetup.com/UFotArts/messages/boards/thread/30140302 FYI: some of the functions are not available on the meetup apps program. You may have to go into Meetup through the web. Have fun! If you take pictures, please post some on this site. http://www.firstfridaysonline.com/ Art Gallery location/hyperlinks: Art Crossing Marketplace - 300 Rivers St. Suite 201, West End (http://www.artcrossing.org/) Art Cubed LLC - 119 Manly St. (http://www.laurenhillstudio.com/) Artisan Traders - 1274 Pendleton St. (http://www.artisantraders.com/) Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville - 200 N. Main St. (http://www.artistsguildgalleryofgreenville.com/) Artistry Workshops and Gallery - 12 Andrew St. (http://www.theartistrygallery.com/) Barbers Gallery - 46-B Lois Ave. (http://www.compassdevelopment.us/) Crystal G Studios - 46-A Lois Ave. (http://www.crystalgstudios.com/) Dabney Mahanes & (http://www.dabneymahanesart.com/) Jon Cooper Studios &Gallery - 1267 Pendleton St. Daly Designs - 421 South Main St. (http://www.dalydesigns.com/) Daly Designs at Far West End - 1263 Pendleton St. (http://firstfridaysonline.com/galleries/dalydesignsFAR.php) Daniel Marnelli Studio & Gallery - 286 Mill St., Taylors, SC (The Old Southern Bleachery) (http://www.danielmarinelli.com/) Doug Young Studios - 100 Mill St., Taylors, SC (The Old Southern Bleachery) (http://www.dougyoungstudios.com/) The Ellis Gallery & Studio - 1207 Pendleton St. (http://www.janinaellis.com/) Faye Jones Fine Art - 1312 Augusta St. (http://fayejones.fineartstudioonline.com/) Gorman Studio - 12-A Lois Ave. (http://www.jimgormanart.com/) 10 Central Avenue Studios - 10 Central Ave. (http://www.10centralave.com/) Julie Hughes Shabkie Studio - 1272 Pendleton St. (http://www.juliehughesshabkie.com/) Riverworks - 300 Rivers St. Suite 202, West End (http://www.gvltec.edu/riverworks) Studio 12-B, Marty Epp-Carter & (http://www.martyeppcarterstudio.com/) Suzanne Bodson - 12-B Lois Ave. Gallery at Grove - 1312 Augusta St. (http://www.galleryatgrove.com/) Grushovenko Gallery - 1203 Pendelton St. (http://www.grushovenko.com/) Mobili Farm Tables - 250 Mill St. Suite 2, Taylors, SC (The Old Southern Bleachery) (http://www.mobilifarmtables.com/) Paper, Scissors, Rock - 300 Rivers St. Suite 109 & 110, West End (http://www.artcrossing.org/) The William Felton School of Crafts - 250 Mill St. Suite 1, Taylors, SC (The Old Southern Bleachery) (http://www.firstfridaysonline.com/galleries/wfelton.php) Upstate Visual Arts - 300 Rivers St. Suite 201, Studio 4, West End (http://www.upstatevisualarts.org/) Village Studios & Gallery - 1278 Pendelton St. (http://www.villageartstudios.com/) The White Whale - 401 Smythe St. (http://www.whitewhalestudios.com/)

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GTC Theatre presents Baskerville

Greenville Technical College

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