Ultimate Frisbee and Picnic in Treptower Park


Friendly Beginners Ultimate Frisbee for all genders and Picnic in beautiful Treptower Park next to the Spree, mostly followed by friendly lunch/dinner in a restaurant we pick after the game for more socializing.

We can have two or more games at the same time if we have enough players, so we have relaxed game for beginners, and challenging game for more advanced players:

This is open to everyone, even if you did not play the game before, you will easily learn the basics and start playing in the game, or you can just chill out while others play in the picnic section 😊, you can bring board games, snacks, other sports equipment, whatever you feel like it.

Some more experienced players will be there to explain the rules and basic techniques.

Players from this meetup are welcome to stay longer to the next experienced event for chilling, picnic, or join the game if they feel enthusiastic about it.

Photo by: Juan Estupiñán


K. [masked]

We have info channel whatsapp group, in which we inform participants in any changes and other events immediately. If you like to be added there, feel free to send us a message 😊


First time players are welcome!
We are not professionals! We will play a very relaxed game!
The rules will be explained in about 3 minutes at the beginning. They are easy, but if you are curious, have a look here:
short version: http://www.lincolnultimate.com/what-is-ultimate.html
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkMMqOUNyKk


We are having this meetup in Treptower Park, just go out of Treptowerpark S-Bahn station, make the river on your left hand, and walk up that riverside walkway exactly[masked] meters 😂, then turn right and you will spot a frisbee flying there somewhere. If those are not us, bring them with you and look for another frisbee.

Here is the exact location within the park (there are also 2 photos in the group photo album of the location of the game/picnic within the park):