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The Venlo-Monchengladbach Coding and Engineering club is a cross border club for people passionate about technological progress and making the world a better place day by day or even about extending live beyond earth and contributing to enabling space living and travel.

We just meet to exchange ideas, have fun and maybe even some projects will start from the brainstorming and friendship during the meetings. It is called a coding and engineering club because we may help out each other solving technical challenges, presents ideas and learn from the feedback. Alongside the regular meetings we might also organize some fun activities once and a while when the community grows a bit. We meet in public places and have a drink there.

Alcohol and such are not allowed during the meetup. Just to keep the community what it is really meant to be for; which is having fun doing great things, learning, getting to know people interested in making interstellar living a reality as well as people who want to make the current world a more sustainable, accessible and peaceful place s.t. earth forever remains a wonderful home!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Innovation and technology for the first world peace!
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We are all familiar with the fact that technology brings massive improvement to our quality of live. This particular Saturday afternoon we would like to deepen how a first world peace would look like and identify what ll be needed to achieve this on levels from personal philosophies and behavior, cultures, negotiation and communication ways, technologies, economics invention, etc. Eventually, the hope is that discussion like this may yield ideas for technical innovation, which helps in it's own right or supports the other areas, which adds value by increasing peace. The definition of a first world peace could be e.g. that all (or more than 98% of) people positively contribute to other peoples wellbeing expansion both heartfelt and material in wise ways and according to proper understanding. And or that at least 99% of our countries are in peace with each other and internally in high degree of consensus. Support for each other in our freedom, increased options and structurally getting an understanding what are the realistic possibilities for freedom (e.g. we must not forget that one person's execution of his free choice should only contribute to another also being able to realize more of his wishes). Let's see what practical steps can be made. A date and place will be picked when at least 6 people have shown interest in this meeting. Best, Eddy

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