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Whether you're new to Vienna or have lived here your whole life, we have a great way to get out and meet cool people for those that aren't into the typical bar scene. We meet up on regular basis, we will do everything we can to provide you with a chance to connect with people, to make you feel comfortable and have fun. We host different events: Comedy Shows, Open Mics, Wine and Painting Parties, Dating Events, Fun Club Regular Meetups where we provide you with assorted topics and questions to answer & discuss to break the ice and skip the small talk.

Whether your goal is friends, work out partner, dating or meeting your next shopping BFF, spouse or all of the above! We will have hosts that will keep things fun and make sure a good time is had by all.

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Hoping to make friends or meet the love of your life? Join our MEETUP!

The Tunnel Vienna Live

2,00 €

Conversation is meant to create and strengthen bonds and form meaningful connections and this is what my meetup is for! I was new and friend-less in Vienna few years back myself. And now I want to and can help people connect and make friends. There will be fun questions and various topics ready on the table to help you start a conversation easily and skip the small talk:) You will get a chance to talk to many people, as we will switch tables so you won't be sitting with same group the whole event (unless you want to:)). There is absolutely no pressure to talk or do anything, only what you are comfortable with, at your own pace:) You never know whether you will meet the love of your life, meet an old friend you lost touch with or make another best friend at the event, so give it a chance :) If you are new, will be happy to meet you, if you came before - it would be great to have you at the event again! All previous meetups were a great success. Bring your good mood, open mind and willingness to socialize :) No pressure and easy going atmosphere will be perfect to meet new people. (Event is in English) ENTRY - 2€ (paid in cash at the door)

Wine & Painting Party

The Tunnel Vienna Live

Don't miss out on the opportunity to socialize and have fun while getting creative and messy with the paint! Absolutely no talent is needed, art instructor will walk you through every step of the way. You get to sip on wine, chat, laugh while exploring your inner artist. So, get out of the house and expand your social circle and enjoy painting. Easy-going atmosphere is guaranteed, no pressure, only fun:) ENTRY FEE - 40€ (covers supplies, 1 glass of wine, cost of the event) Event is in English.

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