GDM # 36 - From nothing to something: making a game with zero budget

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At the 36th Vienna Gamedev Meetup James Patton will tell us about his endeavors, creating 2 games with zero budget! Kickstarter, public grants, sparse lifestyle, who knows how he does and did it?

We will also have this 2-3 games to show off:

1) Tyron Madlener / Vintage Story Update

2) Next big (hopefully pico8 thing) / DerStandard boyz Mario Zoth & more

3) The Funny Boneyard / A Point
& Click Adventure by Andreas Capek & Josef Zorn (

The 36th Gamedev Meetup is sponsored by the best Co-Working Space in Town Stockwerk Coworking ( ).

And if you are not already at it, invite yourself to the Austrian indiegame slack channel: - Slack Self Invite ( )

If you want to show your game or prototype at one of the upcoming meetups submit it here: Google Form for game submission ( )

cannot wait to see you there

Michael ( )