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Brainstorm #4: Burnout and the Brain ​​🧠⚡
Burnout is syndrome involving a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It is a hazard that professionals should really keep a close eye out for, but it is often neglected because of the high achieving attitude, that assumes our body and mind can bare all. In our next event Prof. Margot Ernst neuropharmacologist will showcase her research on GABA-A receptors (the target of the well known anxiolytic drugs "Xanax" and "Valium") and share her experience with burnt out PhD students; and Mag. Rok Habjan, univ. dipl. iur psychotherapist will share his thought provoking ideas on the topic from a specialist point of view, how to recognise and deal with burnout when it hits. There will be a start-up spotlight hosted by our friends at Pioneers. As usual we close the event with some neuroscience news, drinks, and networking. Join us to mingle and talk to real scientists at the forefront of mental health research, and mental health practitioners in our network. Please, don't forget to register under the link below: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brainstorm-4-burn-out-and-the-brain-tickets-52164008955


Kandlgasse 19-21 · Wien

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Welcome to Vienna’s first neuroscience meet-up, where science meets everyday life, academy meets industry, biology meets artificial intelligence. We would like to create a platform, where curious people, students, academics, and professionals get together for one reason: Our fascination of the most complex machine ever existed – the human brain.

Join us if you wish to explore something you always wanted to know, but you were too shy to ask; or if you want to showcase your research, and widen your horizon to see your work with new eyes.

We wish to bring a more interdisciplinary view of Neuroscience, connecting the field of psychology, neuroscience, computational technology, and pharma. Researchers will present their most recent discoveries and we will discuss the most exciting developments by reviewing interesting scientific articles.

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