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This group aims to bring together philosophers, artists, scientists and everybody else who has an interest in intellectual pursuits and culture.

The idea is to provide the opportunity for meaningful discussions about a broad variety of topics, maybe inspired by a visit of the group to a lecture, a vernissage/museum, a movie or just something one read about and figured it might make a nice topic for one of the next meetups. As well as serving as a platform for more casual socializing and attending of various other cultural events aside from what was already mentioned with like-minded individuals.

International people are very welcome!

I (the founder of this group) have noticed a distinct lack of public intellectual exchange in English in Vienna. Even e.g. Skeptics in the Pub presentations are held in German. Which I find to be a real shame, since I am sure that this city has many immigrants belonging to the aforementioned professions (or interest groups) and who don't speak German all that well. Hopefully, this group right here will grow to be a decent alternative for them. If an event that we don't organize ourselves but merely attend as a group is held in German, we will make note of it in the title of the event.

(Copyright notice: This group's avatar is "The Disappearing Intellectual" by Jared Rodriguez (https://www.flickr.com/photos/truthout/4896116009). Isn't that ironic? Let's think about it together. ;) )

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(GERMAN ONLY) Nacht der Philosophie

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Wiener-Linien-Tag @ Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

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MQ Summer Opening

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Discussion Evening

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