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THOUGHTSTORM® is an easily learned technique for creating and developing valuable ideas. Participants share their experiences and viewpoints in a process designed to generate innovative ideas that the participants would not have had on their own. Thoughtstorm® is one of many skills and techniques taught on the Avatar® Course.

“Teaching someone to be flexible in viewpoints, and to reason from different angles, is better than indoctrinating them with a fixed viewpoint” (Harry Palmer)

We will get together every few weeks to use the Thoughtstorm technique to explore various aspects, elements and components of success.

What is it for you? How is it achieved? What seems to attract success? Why is it so easy to achieve at certain times and so elusive at others? Is being successful a talent, a skill or discipline? And so on…

Benefits for Participants: -

- Seeing new possibilities

- Discovering new ways of thinking

- Getting inspired and becoming inspirational

- A different model of developing ideas together

Come for a unique experience and add your perspectives to the THOUGHTSTORM.

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