Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles with RISE V2G Project

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The meetup will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.

RISE V2G is a Reference Implementation Supporting the Evolution of the Vehicle-2-Grid communication interface ISO 15118. The international standard ISO 15118, entitled "Road vehicles - Vehicle to grid communication interface", defines a digital IP-based communication interface between an electric vehicle (EV) and a charging station (named Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - EVSE).
It allows for a user-friendly "plug-and-charge" mechanism for authentication, authorisation, billing, and flexible load control based on a wide set of information exchanged between the EV and EVSE. A rise in the wide application of this standard is essential for reaching the goal of integrating EVs as flexible energy storage devices into a smart grid.

This webinar gives you an introduction to this well-tested reference implementation and helps you to get started and involved as a contributor.

Speaker: Marc Mültin

Marc Mültin received his doctoral degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the fields of computer science which he has been studying before at the same institution.

His research focused on the field of e-mobility, smart grids and how an ICT-based approach enables the integration of a bidirectionally charging electric vehicle (EV) into the energy management system of a smart home. In this context he became a member of the standardisation body of the ISO 15118 communication protocol which defines the digital communication betwenn an EV and a charging station. As co-author he gained valuable knowledge needed to understand and implement this standard. The software prototype he created during his PhD studies has been further developed at Chargepartner GmbH and is about to be put into productive software which runs on embedded systems of charging stations and potentially electric vehicles.

Furthermore, he manages the technological field of roaming and acquires as well as leads funded research projects which help Chargepartner to early tackle the arising challenges in the e-mobility market and to stay at the forefront of this innovative industry.

He is a well-known expert in the e-mobility community and operates a widely read blog with an emphasis on the topics of e-mobility, smart grids, and ISO 15118 on .