Digital Twins go open source: Eclipse Ditto introduction

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• What we'll do
Digital Twins are getting more and more established as IoT service providers (alternatively calling them device shadows or device twins) and industrial IoT players adapt and promote the concept.
This introduction has not the goal to fantasize about possible applications of the buzzword "Digital Twin" but to put flesh to the bones.

Eclipse Ditto provides aspects of the Digital Twin pattern which from our point of view is used for abstracting from physical devices:
* turning devices into APIs with the help of their data
* handling access control: who or what is allowed to interact in which ways?
* dealing with Twin and live state
* routing messages to/from devices
* enhancing Digital Twins by integrating foreign systems - e.g. "gather all the spare parts for this Twin"
* being able to search and select Twins via their metadata + reported state

Speaker: Thomas Jäckle
Thomas Jäckle is a software developer working at Bosch since 2010.
Since 2015 he is the lead software developer of the Bosch IoT Things cloud service and since 2017 committer and project lead of the Eclipse Ditto project.
He is passionate about software craftsmanship, continuous learning drives his motivation.
Thomas holds a bachelor degree in computer science and a master degree in application architecture, both from the Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany.

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