Let's make the web more secure && Makefiles in 2020: Why they still matter

Web Engineering Düsseldorf
Web Engineering Düsseldorf
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SMS digital

Ivo-Beucker-Str. 43 Tangram Haus · Düsseldorf

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From Düsseldorf main station: Take the tram 709 (direction D-Staufenplatz) and get out at the station "Schlüterstr./Arb." - From there a 3 min. walk

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In January, we will be sponsored by SMS digital GmbH (https://sms-digital.com/). and do an evening with two talks:

• Let's make the web more secure (by Pascal Weiland)
• Makefiles in 2020: why they still matter (by Simon Brüggen)

+++ Agenda +++
• 18:00 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink, and socialise
• 19:15 - ~19:55: Talk #1 + Q&A
• 20:10 - ~20:50: Talk #2 + Q&A
• 20:50 - Open End: Socialising

+++ Let's make the web more secure (by Pascal Weiland) +++
Nowadays Web-Applications are getting more and more complex which introduces many new possibilities to expose security flaws. We are going to explore the most common security flaws on the Web and how to prevent them and make websites more secure. The talk provides an overview of basic Web/IT security and covers backend and frontend altogether. No previous knowledge is required.

Pascal got introduced to IT Security on a school internship and never left this field after that. Today he is working as a developer, spending the nights hacking and drinking tons of mate and he is also trying to finish his studying besides all that.

+++ Makefiles in 2020: why they still matter (by Simon Brüggen) +++
Make is turning 44 years old in 2020. But it is still one of the best tools to help you DRY up your CI/CD pipelines and make them more modular. Something that is invaluable when moving to a microservice architecture with many independently build and tested projects or onboarding new people to existing projects. This talk will compare it to other possible solutions and show why Makefiles are still useful today.

Since finding a passion for computers in the mid-2000s Simon has had issues staying in just one role and defining what he does. Learning that the industry came up with the DevOps term changed his life. At trivago he's been doing various DevOpsy things, currently as the resident Makefile wizard in the Release Engineering team.