Learnings from our start-up journey && You build it, you run it: Lessons learned

Web Engineering Düsseldorf
Web Engineering Düsseldorf
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Peakwork AG

Rheinallee 9 · Düsseldorf

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From Düsseldorf main station: U75 in direction of "Neuss HBF) until Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz followed by a 6 min. walk - Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/eWjMm7pLRztGPBgs8

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In February, we will be sponsored by Peakwork (https://peakwork.com/). and do an evening with two talks:

• (Honest) learnings from our start-up journey (by Ali Selim Aytuna)
• You build it, you run it: Lessons learned (by Daniel Kleuser)

+++ Agenda +++
• 18:00 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink, and socialise
• 19:15 - ~19:55: Talk #1 + Q&A
• 20:10 - ~20:50: Talk #2 + Q&A
• 20:50 - Open End: Socialising

+++ (Honest) learnings from our start-up journey (by Ali Selim Aytuna) +++
Have a killer product idea? Thinking of launching a start-up? We, web engineers, are nothing short of what it takes to build successful start-ups if we follow the best practices and the correct principles. However, the amount of information out there can be too much and daunting. In such cases, it may help to hear from people who actually use these principles in their very own startup.
In 30 minutes, I will share how we apply the three pillars of the 'Lean Start-up' and principles laid out by thought leaders like Ash Maurya and Jason Fried in our very own start-up. Through real-life experiences, I will subjectively share what works, what doesn't, common pitfalls to avoid and unforeseen challenges that you may expect throughout the journey.

Selim is a web developer and tech entrepreneur with a track record of 3x start-ups. His passion is simple: to develop world-class SaaS products. He is currently the co-founder and CTO of Perzonalization Inc., an AI-driven predictive e-commerce personalization company. So far, his machine learning algorithm has helped 12M online shoppers make intelligent purchasing decisions and helped eCommerce stores generate more than 24M USD additional revenue.

+++ You build it, you run it: Lessons learned (by Daniel Kleuser) +++
Working in non-centralized, independent teams who are responsible for running their applications (also known under the term "You build it, you run it") has some great advantages like velocity or freedom of choice when it comes to the used technologies, but of course also some downsides. After working in such an environment for the past +2 years, I will share some insights about it in this talk and give you some hints about the most important things to pay attention to.

Daniel started his career as systems administrator working with a variety of technologies and in different team setups throughout the years. After finding his passion for being closer to application development, he's now living the DevOps dream at trivago.