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This is a group for everyone working on, in and with the web.

We do web - UX, design, development, hosting, ... technology & beyond - you name it.

We discuss ideas, projects, jobs, problems and other things around the web.

The group was formed to foster exchange among web professionals and enthusiast in and around Zürich - we meet monthly in "our home" at Impact Hub and invite everyone to join!

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Web Zürich January

Impact Hub Zurich - Viadukt Bogen D

Join us for the January meetup! We will have two short talks as well as chit-chat and drinks: 18:30 - 19:00 Arrival time with drinks and chat 19:00 - 19:20 Nico Martin Headless WordPress //Despite all justified criticism, WordPress is still by far the most popular CMS. And with innovations like the block editor (Gutenberg) this number will most likely increase. But how can we use WordPress in a modern and maybe decentralized development environment? A short deepdive into the WordPress Core Rest API.// 19:20 - 19:40 Susanne König & Hussam Allaham Powercoders – coding academy for refugees //Powercoders, a non-profit association, offers intensive, full time coding courses to refugees with the aim of professionally integrating them in to the IT labour market. Hussam is not only team member at Powercoders ZRH, but also alumni and will shortly describe his experience regarding Powercoders as an alumni, before we end with some facts about Powercoders and how you can get involved..// 19:40 - 20:00 Jonny Burger Automate everything with Github Actions //I give a brief introduction to Github Actions, then show some more non-standard use cases and techniques for Github Actions. For example, how I use it to generate a new Twitter avatar every day or how I use it to automatically backup my database every night. Along the way you will learn about some workflow tricks like the unstar-then-star-hack, increment.build and setting up custom runners.// 20:00 ++ More drinks and snack as well as time for chatting We look forward to seeing you there! Visit our website http://webzueri.ch for more information about the Web Zürich community.

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** Holiday Special ** Web Zürich December!

Impact Hub Zurich - Viadukt Bogen D

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