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Dear tennisplayers, It's time to play tennis again! Note that this meetup is not meant for people who would like to learn how to play tennis and is meant for the more experienced tennis players. At the very least you should have quite a few years of experience and play regularly. If you haven't played for a while, but played a lot in the past (as a kid) you should be fine. Nevertheless there will be quite some variation in tennis ability and we will try to deal with that by putting people of similar "level" on the same court. Note that you have to RSVP to be able to play. You cannot just show up and play. The number of spots is limited (usually I limit it to 4/5 people per court, which means you will mostly play doubles), so the earlier you RSVP the more likely you will be able to play. We usually play at Rothof (on the outdoor clay courts if possible). If the weather prevents us from playing we might be able to move to the indoor courts (if they have not been booked) yet. Usual price for the outdoor courts is 18 euros per court per hour. The price for the indoor courts is a bit more and you probably have to rent some shoes. The RSVP deadline usually is 2 days before the actual event. If this dealine has passed you can only join after consent from one of the organizers. If for whatever reason you cannot join us anymore please update your RSVP asap! Court reservations can only be cancelled up to 24 hours before we play, so please update your RSVP on time! If you cancel less than 28 hours before we play you might have to pay for your spot. Also I might block you from coming to future events, which is a real pity. I will be great fun :) Hope to see you there! Jeroen

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We play tennis because we love the game! Are you just starting or do you want to learn how to play the game? Sorry, you have to look elsewhere. Have you been playing for quite some years already? Is getting the ball over the net not an issue anymore? Do you master your shots? Then join!

We toss a coin to decide who will play together and against whom. Well, not literally, but chance decides :) During the outdoor season we usually play at ZHS (https://zhs-muenchen.ebusy.de/) at the Olympiapark in Munich and during winter at Siemens Tennis Club (http://www.siemens-tennisclub-muenchen.de). Each week we'll see who can make it so we can decide how many tennis courts we need to rent. If possible we play doubles, but sometimes you might be with two or three on a court. We just split the total costs. Yes, regardless of whether you happen to play singles or doubles :)

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