nz.js(con) guests - Stefan Judis & Julien Simon - Emojis & Unicode & AI, oh my!

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We have two international speakers for this special JavaScript Wellington meetup! Both are visiting New Zealand, speaking at the nz.js(con) and have jumped at the opportunity to talk at our meetup. 😄

Stefan Judis will be dropping in to chat to us about Emoji.

"We all use Emoji in our daily life, but we rarely use them in code. Are there things we have to watch out for? Do Emoji "just work" in JavaScript strings? This talk takes a look at the Emoji family and shows how Unicode works in JavaScript"

Stefan started programming 6 years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies and automation. He's worked for several startups in Berlin and recently joined Contentful to tell the world how an API-first CMS can make you a bit happier.

He's also a curator of the web performance online resource Perf Tooling (, organiser of the Web Performance Meetup Berlin, contributes to a variety of open source projects and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

Then we have Julien giving an introduction to the AWS AI services.

The AWS cloud now provides several Artificial Intelligence
services based on Deep Learning technology. They enable developers to easily add to their applications natural language processing (Amazon Lex), image and face detection (Amazon Rekognition) and text-to speech (Amazon Polly). Let’s talk about these new services and of course, let's run some fun demos!

Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web

Before joining AWS, Julien served for 10 years as CTO/VP Engineering in top-tier web startups. Thus, he’s particularly interested in all things architecture, deployment, performance, scalability and data.

As a Principal Technical Evangelist, Julien speaks very frequently at conferences and technical workshops, where he meets developers and enterprises to help them bring their ideas to life thanks to the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.