Join us for the First Meeting of the Month

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An jedem 2. Mittwoch des Monats bis zum 13. August 2019

RheinMain CongressCenter

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 1 · Wiesbaden

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We'll meet in front of the main entrance. This meeting will be held outdoors.

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Practice your leadership and English-language public speaking skills with a friendly group of both native and non-native speakers.

Our rhetoric training includes giving prepared speeches and presentations, giving and getting constructive feedback, and challenging yourself by impromptu speaking, all in a welcoming and supportive, learning-by-doing atmosphere. Not yet a member? You are very welcome to come along to a meeting or two to find out what Toastmasters has to offer you and why you should join.

Join us for aprés-meeting socialising for a drink and a chat nearby. We look forward to meeting you.