Second Meeting of the month

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An jedem 4. Mittwoch des Monats bis zum 23. Juli 2019

Heimathafen Wiesbaden

Karlstraße 22 (Ecke Adelheidstraße) · Wiesbaden

Wie du uns findest

We'll be upstairs in the "Konferenzraum". Parking spaces in the surrounding area are rare, so plan in some extra time for the search. If you can, use public transport, your bike or your own two feet.

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Practice your leadership and English-language public speaking skills with a friendly group of both native and non-native speakers.

Our rhetoric training includes giving speeches and presentations, giving and getting constructive feedback, and challenging yourself by impromptu speaking, all in a welcoming and supportive, learning-by-doing atmosphere.

Join us afterwards for a drink and a chat nearby. We look forward to meeting you.