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'Wise-women-weekends' are a series of art-filled weekend retreats for women who wish to connect, create, discover, nurture, celebrate and grow wise together.

For 2016, we are planning 4 weekend-retreats, one for each season. Each weekend will be built around a specific theme that inspires us to create the thriving and fulfilling lives that we yearn for. Together, we will get playfully creative, we will learn to relate to our bodies in new ways, we will get to know, value, nurture and celebrate ourselves,we will extract the pearls of wisdom from our life-stories, we will search for new perspectives and we will embark on journeys (both inner and outer).

Fitting to each wisdom-inspiring weekend-theme:

Maija will guide us through a carefully selected collection of simple body movements, to prepare our bodies for the themes and activities of the weekend . (No fitness requirements).

Anickah will guide us through a creative process, as each of us creates a personally meaningful piece of art that we get to take home. (No artistic experience required).

Planned themes are:
Winter: Make room for the new
Spring: The hero that's you
Summer: Welcome Home!

Autumn: Let's make like Autumn!

About Anickah:

Anickah wants, more than anything else, for women to know their value. She holds university degrees in both psychology and education and has obtained further training in body-based trauma-and-attachment therapies, creative therapy and energy psychology. She leads theme-based self-empowerment groups, using creativity as a medium for deep self-exploration. Her crisis-counseling practice is in Bonn.

About Maija:

Maija has studied biology in the Latvian university. She also has a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer licence, as well as a certificate for Classical and SPA Massage and the II degree of Reiki. She has gathered 20 years of experience as Pilates and Yoga trainer and dance teacher. Her goal is to help people be healthy and feel good in their body. Maija currently lives in Düsseldorf where she offers massages and Reiki sessions.

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