Worum es bei uns geht

Did you know, that startups with women as leaders are more likely to be successful? According to a Dow Jones report, startups with female founders are 10% more successful than the average.

This meetup is a part WEFOUND.

WEFOUND – the world’s first global female startup community that combines personal development, business and tech. Find us: http://wefound.org/ Twitter: @WEFOUNDorg and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WEFOUND.wwsef

Are you an awesome woman, who wants to make a living from what you love? Or are you already in the process of establishing a business? Perhaps you are a serial entrepreneur and have a lot of experience to share! Then, keep on reading!

We know the power of meeting like-minded people. It is necessary to be surrounded by inspiring and active women with common values. People who listen to you, share advice and support. The aim is to bring women together with different backgrounds, to develop innovative business concepts!

Here's where you meet your future team, extend your network and promote your brand. We offer you the essential ingredients for you to create a successful company.

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