• Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 4. Okt. 2017
    Technologist, Consultant, Researcher, Co-Organizer of Women Techmakers Berlin, and Teacher at the ReDI School of Digital Integration
  • Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 22. Sep. 2017
    Women Techmakers Berlin and GDG Berlin Android organizer. Android Dev passionate about Google Assistant & Accessibility. Always happy to meet newcomers and introduce them to a variety of options offered by the Berlin's tech scene!
  • Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 16. Mai 2017
  • Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 29. März 2017
    Women Techmakers Berlin Co-Organizer
  • Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 24. März 2017
    Product Management Enthusiast, Geek, Problem Solver, Women Techmakers Berlin Co-Organizer, Skiier
  • Organisator
    Beigetreten 23. März 2017
    Women Techmakers Berlin lead, Gopher at GDG Berlin Golang, public speaker, sailor