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7:00 pm - Doors open and networking time
7:35 pm - Announcements
7:40 pm - Talks
Talk 1 - Machine Learning for Autonomous cars by Pragya Kale
Talk 2 - Some simple tips to improve your Jupyter notebook workflow by Corrie Bartelheimer
Talk 3 - Influencing diversity by Sowmya Guru
10pm - End

*Machine Learning for Autonomous cars*
The talk goes from what do autonomous vehicles mean technically and how the pipeline is structured, to what parts of Autonomous driving pipelines use Machine Learning. There'll be short examples of very common problems faced while working on perception systems of autonomous vehicles, some interesting projects to try, research papers to read and datasets one should know about.
PS: It'll be a fun and light talk, meant for a tech-savvy audience with little or no knowledge about Machine Learning or Autonomous Vehicles.

*Some simple tips to improve your Jupyter notebook workflow*
Jupyter notebooks are a great tool for interactive programming but they
can also quickly turn messy. With their focus on rapid prototyping, it
can take some discipline to not end up with a pile of notebooks full of
messy code. On top of that, jupyter notebooks are difficult to version
control and it thus becomes hard to track changes. It is threfore easy
to end up in a situation where you don’t understand your own analysis
from some months ago, not to mention the code from your colleague.
In this talk, I will share a few simple and practical tips that I found
helpful to improve the notebook workflow in our data science team.

*Influencing diversity*
If you a developer you can probably relate to the empty toilets near the IT departments. Once I got so used to it that when I found another fellow human in there, I flinched. :D
Over the years, I went on to change multiple jobs in Berlin but the problem still existed in most workplaces.
These days I mentor women and other non-binaries with their problems and teach programming with a hope that the diversity improves with time.To succeed we need more mentors, advocates and role models who can be there and help lift each other up. In my talk will be sharing what it means to promote diversity, some everyday problems and why diversity is an important topic for everyone.

Pragya Kale is 22 years, working on perception in autonomous cars at Kopernikus Automotive Gmbh, Berlin. Previously managed technical operations at AIESEC in India. Graduated and moved to Berlin last year. Apart from ML, she is interested in neuroscience, world politics, and people management. One can find her playing badminton on the weekends.

Corrie Bartelheimer first became interested in data when studying
topological data analysis during her math Masters. She is now working
as a data scientist at Europace and is interested in Bayesian modelling
as well as best practices for data science teams. She also co-organizes
the Berlin Bayesian meetup.

Sowmya Guru is founder of Coder's Club, Diversity and Sustainability advocate, Promoter of Yoga and Well-being. She is currently working as an Android developer at Urban Mobility International GmbH popularly known as WeShare.
She use her free time to work on open source projects and offer private mentorship for women and other non-binaries. On a Sunday, you will find her getting a cuppa coffee and relaxing with some light-hearted comics. :)

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