Talk Night at Blacklane

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7:00 pm - Doors open and networking time
7:35 pm - Announcements
7:40 pm - Talks
Talk 1 - How I coach by Jenny Warnke
Talk 2 - Creating Musical Instruments by Anna Wszeborowska
Talk 3 - An incomplete guide to migrating (y)our front end by Nynke de Boer
10pm - End

*How I coach*
In my job I use coaching to support people to grow in their career. I'd like to give an introduction on how I coach and also share my experiences around coaching.

*Creating Musical Instruments*
In the talk we'll explore the world of musical instruments that inspired the first samplers and see how we can create one programmatically. We'll cover some of the concepts commonly used in music software and discuss the challenges that come with writing real-time audio applications

*An incomplete guide to migrating (y)our front end*
In order to develop along with the business and its needs, my company - a digital publisher, production agency and now shopping platform - decided to invest in its tech department heavily by migrating their entire front end, moving from Wordpress (yes, really!) to React, while simultaneously building up a complete e-commerce platform from scratch. In this talk, I will tell you more about how we went about this, the pitfalls and some best practices I learned along the way.

Jenny studied Computer Science and worked several years as a Fullstack Software Engineer. She joined Balcklane as a Senior Software Engineer last year. In January this year she switched into a Head of Engineering role where she focuses on people growth and delivery.

Anna works as a software engineer at a Berlin-based music tech company called Ableton.
She’s a passionate educator who strives to make the IT field more inclusive through various initiatives, including running workshops and study circles for underrepresented groups as well as creating engaging teaching materials that present challenging topics in an approachable way.
Anna is always happy to talk about all things music, pets, bikes and travel.

Nynke has a background in social sciences, but started working as a software engineer for Highsnobiety a year ago after completing a front end web development course on a scholarship provided by Google. At Highsnobiety, she works in the media team, responsible for the content management, publication and reader experience of the digital magazine.

Blacklane was founded by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer in 2011. As frequent travelers, they saw a need for a single global professional chauffeur service. Their vision was a smarter way to book and manage rides — something affordable, reliable, and efficient. Blacklane has grown from a two-man operation in Berlin to an international crew of over 400 people with satellite offices in Singapore, Dubai, and Brisbane. Read more at: