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7:00 pm - Doors open and networking time
7:35 pm - Announcements
7:40 pm - Talks
Talk 1 - Intercultural teams, do we interpret each other correctly? by Roya
Talk 2 - Being a mentor and helping others to catch their dreams by Maja Miarecki
Talk 3 - tbd
10pm - End

*Intercultural teams, do we interpret each other correctly?*
Intercultural teams are usually aware of the respect and tolerance needed to collaborate healthily. However, assuming this and with good intention: How can we respect others if we don't know what is annoying them? In this talk, I will share the team event I created and implemented with several teams, which helped them to improve their team feeling, communication and teamwork.

*Being a mentor and helping others to catch their dreams*
1.5 year long journey of me and my mentoree. Problems, discoveries, long hours of learning on both sides. Starting from 0 to first job in IT.


Roya studied software engineering aiming to create great solutions for the new world. Soon she realized, how difficult it is to have good quality software without adaptive processes. Working for several years as a Scrum Master, the most significant resistance she faced to implement those processes was cultural.
Growing up in different countries herself and working with various international teams helped her to create and propose a suitable solution as a workshop in her Master study.

Maja Miarecki is a Software Engineer in Zalando. She is responsible for frontend part of a new internal application and for keeping her team up-to-date with news from frontend world. As an engineer with almost 20 years of experience Maja enjoys sharing her knowledge. She provides 1-on-1 mentoring for interested people and takes part of Zalando events for young professionals. Maja is passionate about nodejs and react development with focus on tests. After work she is a mom of 3, a mentor and a gamer. For the Alliance!

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