Talk Night at Urban Sports Club



6:30 pm - Doors open and networking time
7:00 pm - Announcements
7:15 pm - Talks
Talk 1 - Creating tools to empower activist communities by Judith Meyer
Talk 2 - tbd
Talk 3 - My (Very) Non-traditional Route Into Tech by Kirsty Simmonds
9:30pm - End


*Creating tools to empower activist communities*
DiEM25 is a grassroots political movement with 120,000 members across Europe and I am the head of IT. In this talk, I will show you what tools we coded so that even non-techies have much greater impact.
Those tools go beyond a typical social site's capabilities, for example:
- Sending notifications via a variety of popular messenger APIs (my open source project at
- Allowing ANY member to send a newsletter to fellow members in their area while staying GDPR-compliant and preventing misuse etc.

*My (Very) Non-traditional Route Into Tech*
Kirsty was an arts undergrad, a journalist, they worked in architecture and now they are a programmer. They want to talk about how their previous careers led to where they are, and how their broad interests make them a more rounded programmer.


Judith Meyer learned to code at 8 years old, studied computational linguistics at university and has been a professional Ruby on Rails developer for the past 10 years, volunteering for the Democracy in Europe Movement. @GermanPolyglot

Kirsty is a junior software developer in the vet tech industry. @keinegurke_

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