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WiBD Düsseldorf Event #2
Welcome to our second Women in Big Data Düsseldorf Chapter Meetup. The world around of Big Data, AI and ML seems to be rather complex and sometimes confusing. In this event we would like to help you to understand and navigate in it by explaining the concepts, what roles there are in AI empowered organisation today and how to position yourself, and a practical demo of data in action. Agenda * 18:30 Arrival, Snacks and Drinks * 18:50 Short Intro to WiBD in Düsseldorf: "What we do and Why", Liisel Jessop, WiBD Düsseldorf Chaper Lead * 19:00 First Talk by Fabian Wilckens, Head of Central Europe @ MapR Technologies * 19:20 - Short break and networking * 19:30 "What will the new AI-powered organization look like and how can you find yourself in it?", Angela Maragopoulou from Vodafone Group A technologist‘s and strategist’s view on Augmented Intelligence and the new era forms around it and for it. A future look at the roles and structures needed to create and sustain AI as well as the ones working with AI. What is the primary role of Data Scientist doing now and tomorrow and how can you define yourself in deep technical or translation AI. Old roles and capabilities transformed or where to develop further. A futuristic view for established professionals and young guns alike. * 19:50 Short break and networking * 20:00 "Data in Action!" Antje Barth, Solution Architect @ MapR Technologies What happens if you put all the industry’s buzz words together? You might end up in a Smart Drone demo that implements a micro-services approach to realtime, distributed image processing! :-) Learn and experience live how all those technical concepts work together in a fun demo, implementing a real-life use case. #bigdata #iot #ml #ai #container #docker #imageprocessing * 20:30 -21:30 Networking The language of the talk: English Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Come and join us to spend a fun evening meeting interesting people and be part of inspiring discussions. Looking forward seeing you all.

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    Women In Big Data is a global community to Connect and Grow and strengthen the diversity in the big data field. Our mission is to inspire, connect, grow, and champion the success of women in Big Data. With our events and training we are targeting the big data and analytics professionals, women in industry who are interested in moving into big data and analytics field or just are interested in the industry related topics. We want to help you to connect, engage and grow.

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