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This community is all about empowering individuals to search, find and live their greatness. With the challenges and burdens we face every day, it’s easy to lose track of our inner-selves and feel depleted and unmotivated.

The key is to manage stress and stay clear, focused and passionate about work and life. Being together with other likeminded people is the way to stay on track with your personal development and make real progress. Brave men are also welcome to join the group.

These Self Mastery classes are a path of self-discovery that will bring more peace, power and confidence to your life. • Learn tools to have a more balanced emotional and mental state of mind.

• Be more empowered in every area of your life.

• Share your brilliance as you network to make a positive change.

• Build lasting and authentic friendships. • Laugh and have a good time.

• Be an inspiration to others, as you align with deep integrity and transparency.

Through Mahima's Self mastery sessions, gain more self-respect and confidence as you learn more about yourself and how to trust your intuition. Enhancing these inner qualities allows for a more productive lifestyle and ability to target emotions in ways to be happier, increase motivation and dramatically improve quality of your daily life.


“The Self Mastery session with Mahima was a very special experience. Never have I been so deeply empowered also for days afterwards I felt full of energy and positivity. Mahima’s ability to respond individually to each person is unique." Cassandra Strehler founder of Zentrum Amrita

Mahima is a wonderful mentor. She blends her deep knowledge of her craft with a soothing and relaxing calm that puts your mind at ease and makes you flow. Her energy recharges you and leaves you with a warm, beautiful glow.” Laura Penn, PhD, Founding Director, The Professional Speaker’s Coach

Mahima Lucille Klinge

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