• WordPress conversations

    2 Market Ln

    Hi team! This month we will be meeting at an all new and exciting venue (Trademe offices) There are a number of things coming up soon so I thought it would be nice to sit down, have a drink, eat some pizza and just chat. This will be super casual, looking to facilitate a safe space for some group discussions to take place. Bring questions, computers (if you need to show your problem) and a positive attitude! I'd personally love to hear from everyone about their current WordPress projects, how they are tracking, what pitfalls they are having, and hear about their wins! Pizza and drinks will be provided.

  • WordPress meetup: Client communication - when tech and non-tech meet

    Dear all, let's talk about the importance of communications this month. Come along to hear tips for communicating with non-tech clients and how to get the most out of these relationships. We'll also talk about creating and maintaining your personal brand and offer some useful communication tools. Sarah George, Communications Advisor at Internet NZ, awards winner, experienced professional in comms in the tech sector. Sarah is a passionate communicator and storyteller with the ability to work across written, digital, social and creative content. In her day to day, Sarah provides communications and public relations support to InternetNZ ensuring their work is communicated effectively. She is proud to be Taranaki born and bred and spends her weekends wakeboarding, snowboarding or tramping - whatever the weather allows!

  • WordPress July meetup - let's talk plugins

    Biz Dojo new location

    Dear all, we are having a social chatter meetup tonight. Come for drinks and nibbles, and let's just talk about WordPress, your favourite plugins and tools. It's a great chance to meet the community and ask/answer some questions. See you!

  • WordPress Translation Day (online)

    Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

    Join the global WordPress community and help translating WordPress, your favourite themes and plugins. This is an all-day online activity. You can see the details on the event website: https://wptranslationday.org/ We'll be online in WP NZ Slack, in #wp-translations-day chat. https://slackpass.io/wpnewzealand

  • WordPress Meetup. Website growth in 2019: expand your business online presence

    Website growth in 2019: Everything you need to know to expand your business through your online presence this year - Craig Martin. Craig Martin, Founder of Performance Foundry, will look at the foundations of online success and current trends to help shape your 2019 strategy. Covering technical marketing, SEO, content strategy and conversion optimisation, this wide-ranging talk has a ton of takeaways. Q&A to follow. About Craig Martin Craig is the co-founder and Managing Director of Performance Foundry. He started Performance Foundry in 2014 and is learning how to build great remote teams and excellent client-focused products. A Kiwi, he loves wine, coffee and hiking.

  • WordPress April Meetup - Experimental As Anything

    Biz Dojo new location

    Do you ever wonder whether your images, your headings or your text are really the most effective? A/B testing helps you find out. It used to be something you needed complicated tools to use, but it's easier than ever before. In this session, we’ll explore how to use Google Optimize to run experiments on your WordPress site’s design and content so you can be sure that your site’s performing at its best. Our speaker is Raena Jackson Armitage who modestly describes herself as a pixel pusher, keyboard basher, e-bike pedaller and union boofhead. She uses her extensive web experience to create meaningful and beautiful web content and excels at bringing people together to make the web a better place. She believes WordPress is even more awesome than her e-bike. So awesome in fact she wrote not one but two books about it.

  • WordPress March meetup: Gutenberg – from beginners to beyond

    Mike Eastwood: 'Gutenberg is the codename for the biggest change in WordPress I've ever seen. Learn what Gutenberg is, why I like it and why you should start playing with it (if you haven't already)'. We'll cover some basics, some live examples and a glimpse at how you can customise it. Mike Eastwood is a self-confessed Marketing Geek. His journey hasn’t been a logical one – industrial design, to graphic design, to website design & development, to marketing. Along the way he’s learnt a lot by making mistakes, and websites too. Mike’s Wellington based company Webalite (https://www.webalite.com) is a HubSpot Certified Agency that builds WordPress websites, themes and plugins.

  • WordPress February meetup: testing WordPress before hitting update on production

    Dear all, we are back from the Christmas break and starting a new year of WordPress meetups. Jeff Ghazally will speak about testing WordPress before hitting update on production. This talk will cover ways to update your WordPress install safely using a local testing / staging environment. Remainder of the time will be left to talk about WP5.0 and Gutenberg and how people are finding it so far.

  • December WordPress social meetup

    Macs Brew Bar

    Let's meet for a casual pre-Christmas WordPress chat and some beer at Mac's Brew Bar at the waterfront. We have a small budget for nibbles, thanks to the WP Engine, and everyone can pay for their own drinks. We definitely have a lot to talk about, with upcoming Gutenberg :). See you there! Maria and Jeff

  • November WordPress meetup - lightning talks

    Biz Dojo new location

    Dear all, in November we have a few lightning talks. We need two more speakers with 5-10 min presentations. Please, let us know if you are keen to do that! 1 talk is about speed optimisation and image compression from our WordCamp speaker Peter Warwick-Mahoney. Website speed is so important, but with the plethora of tools available, what should you use? Peter takes us through the gamut of configurations he regularly uses to half a Wordpress site's loading time. Peter is SEO expert, web developer & designer, all-round nice guy, and ravenous information devourer. Peter's focus over the past decade has been on SEO (although it’s been a feature he’s offered since the late 90s), while making sure he keeps his typing fingers in the site creation pie too. Talk 2 is about what is wrong with lists of must-have plugins from Maria Skatova. Maria works with lots of bloggers and small business projects, doing lots of 'fixing a problem' work for websites, built by their owners. Her experience shows that plugins cause trouble quite often, and 'must-have' lists of plugins are the worst. Maria will also share her own 'must-have' list :) Maria is married to WordPress for more than 10 years, and they have a gazillion of little websites together. She also is a co-organiser of WordPress Wellington meetup. Talk 3 opens our Page Builders series with Thrive builder review from Peter Williamson. Peter will share how he uses Thrive and why he prefers it to other page builders. Pete Williamson has worked with Wordpress for over 4 years now, having previously been involved in theatre and Audio-Visual industry. Yours truly, WordPress Wellington meetup organisers