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Saturday YOGA
Saturday YOGA course is perfect for you, if you have never time or too tired for a workout during the week or just want to energize your weekend! We're a small group (max. 8 people), practicing Hatha style which can be adjusted to every level. Personal approach is guaranteed! If you're going to join us for the first time, you need only comfortable clothes and some time before the class to get ready. Mats and tea are provided. PRICE: single session: CHF 30.- 5-sessions pass (valid 2 months): CHF 135.- 10-sessions pass (valid 4 months): CHF 250.- 10-sessions pass (valid 6 months): CHF 280.-

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Our group classes take place in a very comfortable spacious studio in just 5 minutes walking from the main station (Haupt Bahnhof) in Zurich. In a friendly cosy atmosphere with a personal approach of a qualified instructor your most desired goals get surely achieved. Just choose a class that suits you best:

YOGA: A healthier body, awareness, peaceful mind and everyday well-being are the benefits of practising yoga. In our studio is Hatha yoga with vinjasa elements practiced. You can join a yoga session at any level you are.

PILATES MAT: Is a famous system based on 6 main principles, such as Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow or efficiency of movement, Precision and Breathing. Developing a strong Core and improving coordination and balance it helps you to learn the body, build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. A 2013 systematic review found only inconclusive evidence that Pilates was beneficial to people with lower back pain.

BODY FLOW MIX: Is a holistic Mind&Body program based on Power Yoga, Pilates and dynamic Stretch elements that makes you sweating, balances your body and brings your spirit in a harmony.

During the session we provide you with a mat. All you need to bring with you is comfortable clothes, a small towel and a bottle of water.


Single session 30.- CHF.

Get one free session for your first pass (it doesn't matter which and when you decide to take):

5 sessions pass valid 2 months 135.- CHF.

10 sessions pass valid 4 months 250.- CHF.

10 sessions pass valid 6 months 280.- CHF.

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