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Yoga Thinking is a combination of Design Thinking, yoga and meditation. We build on the process and mindset of Design Thinking and enrich its toolbox with methods and techniques from Kundalini & Hatha Yoga as well as elements from meditation. Alternating activities between body and mind enhance the creativity flow, heighten the concentration and increase the quality of developed ideas. Apart from that it is a lot of fun! :)

As passionate yogis and experiences Design Thinking coaches, we are interested in how we can draw on the potential from such two powerful methods of yoga and Design Thinking, and how these are combinable. At the same time it was important to us to not only enrich the innovation process with yoga techniques but also to really be novel in creating the concept. We got together and combined our various expertise, talents, and thought models.The end result is a method, which connects intuition and innovation: Yoga Thinking.

Julia, Jonas, Galia, Anita

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