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This is our Meetup group for COLIFE Yoga & Pilates. We own 2 Yoga Studios in Geneva, one near the UN (Chemin des Colombettes 6) and one in Pâquis, at the lake, behind the Hotel Beaurivage (Rue du Docteur Alfred-Vincent 5).

. Every body can join but especially people enjoying Yoga & Pilates and on the path of self-discovery. The purpose is to connect, to share our experiences, to learn, to spend times together, to practice in a steady and cosy environment.

If you don't know anything yet about Yoga & Pilates, then you are most welcome because you don't have to !!! There is no restrictions for practices except to be self responsible and connected to yourself, to your body. You are welcome to join anytime and take the opportunity if it speaks to you or not.

This groups attend to attract persons with deep self-inquiry and or life hygiene needs. You may come from an excellent place where you feel grate, dynamique, healthy, young or from "hell" being in Burn-Out, stress, chronic Fatigue etc. Of course, main target here is to help people to go from one place to another, from less good life quality to optimized life quality, which also means from not so good health to incredible health !

Finally and most important, Colife Yoga & Pilates group expect to help all of us to expand our consciousness and become free or any patterns we don't want anymore, through the practice of Yoga especially. It's all about fun and being able to find our right place here in this society, in all ways possible. Mastering the body and main is already a good start...and what could we do more anyway :) ?

For convenience purposes, we should often meet at our studio @ Colife in Geneva Nations but time to time some others places will be chosen. If you have any question about the group, feel free to contact me and ask. Thank You for joining Many events on the way, we really wish to have success with this group ! Thank You !


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