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“The autumn breeze of a single night of love is better than a hundred thousand years of sitting meditation.” ~Ikkyu

Ikkyu-ZenDojo-Berlin International (Die Sessions werden auf Deutsch und Englisch geleitet)

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Ikkyu was a Zen Monk, who realized, that awakening means to become fully a human-being and not a saint.

The Ikkyu-Zendojo shell continue, what Teachers like Ikkyu had understood and started.

Away from Tradition, Rules, Mysticism and rigorous Discipline, i believe in a modern Zen, which is alive, individually adaptive for Westerners, including psychology, trauma-therapy and sexual Energy.

A Zen, free of Concepts about right and wrong, good and bad, where you can come as you are and be accepted as you are.

A Zen which is about realizing that all is already realized. This very body and the very place you are and this very situation you are in now, is the Body, Place and Situation of the Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, God.

Enlightenment means to be fully YOU. To be fully YOU is true awakening. Therefore each awakening is individual and leads to individual "Buddhas" who are all different, special and specific in their functions, skills and missions. Like Master Ikkyu, Some of them are hard to recognize with a dualistic mind, since they brake with our believes of what is good/bad, right or wrong. As more openly aware we are, as more we can pe/receive ourselves fully as we are and others too. The world becomes a place of Intimacy (In-to-me-see).

There is NOTHING to attain or to get. Nothing to Understand. Only to see this very Moment Mind-and Heartfully.

Embracing the "Don´t know" with a humble laugh, is the answer to realization.

We dont need to fight thoughts or our ego.

By loving-kindness towards ego and thoughts and by deeply fulfilling our desires through opening to all energy's within us, naturally it looses its grip.

Heartfulness & Mindfulness

Zen is about facing yourself in any circumstances.

It's not always an easy practice, but a practice which seeks liberation by surrendering towards All (Not away from All).("Some people dance to forget and some to remember...")

Zen is about learning to surrender in about any given Situation and a Sesshin means to put Your Heart ON.

A difficult Sesshin can be a good Sesshin, since you can easily meet your limits and and go beyond. When we truly sit Zazen; heat, cold, emotional-pain or even the "End-of-the-World", becomes a helpful teacher.

Therefore, if you come to a Zazen-Sesshin, be ready to face your self, including Your Fears and Resistance of any kind.

Come in time

This Retreat goes by Donation. You can give, what ever you feel like.

Money is not an Issue, if you want to truly practice, You can participate for free, only keep in mind that:

Giving and Receiving Anything, can be a Love-Energy-Exchange-Practice, since "It is by giving, that we receive."

10 euro is good

Beginners are welcome. Guidance you will have

Things to bring : Cushion to sit on and a Mat
if possible

https://www.amazon.de/Meditationshocker-Zus... (https://www.amazon.de/Meditationshocker-Zusammenklappbar-Holz-38-Yogistar/dp/B06XGRPFKY/ref=pd_sbs_200_17?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Z6DC9ACG418HAY6HKHXE)

Schedule of a Retreat

One Period of Meditation is 30 to 45 min long.

In between Meditation we can have some walking Meditation (Kinhin), Osho-Dynamic-Meditation (Movement), Dokusan (Sanzen*), Chi-kung (standing-meditation), Breaks and Mutual Mind/Heartfull-Talking.

*Koans are Zen-Statements from an awakened state of Mind, given by the Teacher to the Student.

They help us to flex our mind, prepare it to awaken and "record" awakening deeper into our Being.

They can work emotional, rational, psychological and spiritual

They may also help to release Trauma

And teach us to think creatively and spontaneous, from a higher state of mind.

*Dao-Yoga is a Meditation practice which includes sexual-energy and a gentle opening of the Kundalini (an opened flow of energy ).


literally means "touching the heart-mind"; is a period of intensive meditation (zazen)


Sword Meditation in Action..(You will be surprised..)

*Sanzen,Satsang or Dokusan

• is a meeting between Master and Disciple

• However, the Master i am referring to is the Consciousness within each of us and with the Desciple i mean our Ego.

• In Sanzen, we can share the same Master and bring our Ego into its transformational Power.

• Everything that keeps us away from recognizing our own Master, like self doubt, can now be recognized and transformed, so you can claim your seat on which you already are sitting.

• Ego is to me an important part of human nature.

• „As above, so below..“, the human ego is like a small version of Duality in our whole universe.

• Without Duality of Ego, we would not be able to „..explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before..“ and there would not be any self reflection possible.

• We can only self reflect because we created Duality.

• Duality is an expression of boundless Love.

• This Love is so vast, it practically exploded into infinite parts, in order to love itself even in the smallest parts.

• Only by Duality we are able to experience the Joy of illusory Unification, since we are One at any given Moment.

• If Consciousness fights Ego, often a spiritual Ego is born, which seeks only Light and Love and avoids any Shadows and Darkness.

• Ego and Consciousness can harmonize in Synergy and learn from each other .


Sanzen,Satsang oder Dokusan, ist für mich ein treffen zwischen Meister und Schüler.

Allerdings ist der Meister von dem ich spreche das Bewusste-Sein in uns und der Schüler unser Ego.

Im Satsang geht es für mich also darum, mit Dir das bewusste Sein zu teilen, alles was uns von unserem inneren Meister abhält, wie z.B. Selbstzweifel zu erkennen und in unserem gemeinsamen Meister, damit meine ich das Bewusstes-Sein, transformieren zu lassen.

Das Ego ist für mich ein wichtiger Teil des Menschen, der uns ausmacht und ohne die Dualität des Egos, gebe es dieses kosmische Spiel des Lebens und Erforschens nicht. Es gebe auch keine Selbstreflektion .

Für mich ist die Dualität das Ergebnis grenzenloser Liebe.

Nicht-Dualität ist praktisch explodiert und hat sich vor Fülle ins Unendliche geteilt, damit sie sich selbst noch mehr lieben kann und zwar jedes einzelne teil .

Die Dualität, macht die kostbare Illusion der Vereinigung erst möglich, denn wir sind zu keinem Zeitpunkt wirklich getrenntAnstatt sich gegenseitig zu bekämpfen, kann Ego und Bewusstsein voneinander lernen und harmonisch, synergetisch zusammen wachsen.

Kämpft das Bewusstsein aber gegen das Ego, wird daraus oft ein Spirituelles Ego, dass Licht und Liebe über Alles stellt und sich von allem dunklen und Schatten distanziert.

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